Everyday 11am to 3pm

Marvino’s Express Lunch $13.95

Choice of: House Salad, Caesar Salad or Zuppa di Giorno

Choice of:

  • Veal Canneloni: Served with Alfredo and Marinara sauce.
  • Stone Oven Pizza: Your choice of any 9″ personal specialty
    Chicken Alfredo, Pepperoni, Margherita, or Amore di Veggie.
  • Snapper Milenese: With jullienne bell peppers, mushrooms, and green peas in bianco.
  • Spaghetti Polpette: Spaghetti tossed in a homemade marinara with meatballs.

Choice of: Bread Pudding or Mango and Raspberry Sorbetto.

Add a House salad, Caesar salad, Minestrone or Zuppa di Giorno for $4.50